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Saturday, 21 August 2010

If you are viewing this page you certainly are interested in music, and obviously you have a certain amount of talent with your instrument. To delve into the world of Bulgarian folk music you need a few more things: a good teacher, perseverance, and plenty of hard work. As you can see, everything depends on you!
My name is Dimitar Trifonov and I've been teaching music for many years. I teach the accordion and the synthesizer. I have 21 years of musical experience of working with children aged from 7 to 18 years old . Many of my students are professionally involved in music and the others continue to study at music conservatories.
I live in Bulgaria, a country which is proud of its popular folk music. The biggest attraction to this music is its irregular beat and variety of rhythms.
I have worked with many dance ensembles as an accordionist. Dance ensembles have their own orchestras, whose repertoire consists mainly of folk songs and tunes.

I offer online lessons by appointment. The lessons are conducted on an individual basis on skype with a video link and last 30 minutes each.
For more details and any questions that you might have please contact- violetov1@abv.bg or skype: mitko_t1 or http://www.facebook.com/violetov

My classes consist of two parts
1 - Studying basic folklore tunes from different regions in Bulgaria.
2 - Studying the most popular folk dance music.